Hotel Management

Keeping focus on the ground level

As the hospitality industry experiences increased competition, market shifts and dynamic guest expectations, it’s extremely important that you select a hotel management company that can overcome today’s competitive environment. While other hospitality management companies may look to expand quickly, our growth projections are properly paced to ensure we keep our focus on the ground level. Our extensive hospitality experience makes us ideally suited to assist you with all phases of your hotel operations and sales.

Crown Hotel Management

Our Guests Are Priority One!

Our Guests Are Priority One!

Crown Hotel and Travel Management


Planning and Interior Design Assistance

  • Assist the interior design firm with furnishing specifications
  • Coordinate hotel room design and food and beverage areas
  • Coordinate with architect, engineer, land planner and interior designer
  • Assist in layout and all procurement of FF&E and OS&E

Construction Project Management

  • Consult with owner on bids and selection of General Contractor
  • Coordinate input with architect, engineer, etc.
  • Perform pre-opening inspections and punch-list for property

Feasibility Assistance

  • Analyze, verify, create and develop feasibility studies
  • Assist in site selection and evaluation
  • Coordinate hotel demand studies
  • Prepare financial proformas
  • Prepare preliminary construction and related cost estimate

Pre-Opening Services

  • Assemble pre-opening budgets
  • Recruit, interview and hire all key management and personnel
  • Hire and train all front-line personnel
  • Establish definitive objectives and action plans for all departments
  • Interface with all vendors and concessionaires
  • Develop pricing for all guest services

Human Resources

  • Coordinate all human resources policies and procedures
  • Continuous hiring, evaluation and training of key personnel
  • Payroll is in-house


  • Develop and implement annualized business plan, operational budget, cash flow models and capital improvement plans
  • Franchise relationship management and evaluation
  • Monthly detailed revenue goals, budgets and spending controls

Sales and Marketing/Revenue Management

  • Pre-opening sales calls to local business’
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive marketing plan
  • Development of website and web search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Sales and marketing training of management and staff
  • Daily, weekly and monthly sales reports and reporting process
  • Development of marketing materials (brochure, sales kits, rack cards, etc.)
  • Development and implementation of group and meeting agreements
  • Coordinate and provide all rate information with third party websites Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia
  • Analysis of weekly and monthly STAR Reports
  • Coordination of IBT RFP’s
  • Implement and develop consistent and profitable rate strategies
  • Weekly and daily sell strategies designed to increase GOP


  • Monthly financial review with ownership
  • Receivables and payable oversight
  • Provide profit and loss statement
  • Purchase requisitions, spending controls
  • Regular operational audits
  • Budget preparation and monthly review with ownership
  • Produce and distribute reports as requested by ownership


  • Provide a comprehensive action item list required to effectively operate the property
  • Conduct and implement all court order action items in a timely manner
  • Prepare an extensive step-by-step takeover plan to be implemented with the least possible disruption of daily operations
  • Provide reporting systems of revenue and profitability, as well as track key issues, eliminating any surprises for the lender
  • Assemble a team to oversee the property, evaluate the product, develop a plan for better profitability and assess the market potential
  • Provide a centralized accounting office off-site to ensure better security and control

Consulting/Oversight Management Services

Crown Hotel and Travel Management’s consulting, hotel management and pre-opening fees are negotiated on an individual basis depending on the services provided and the time involved. On certain projects, fixed fees are applied while others are on an hourly basis. Hourly fees vary with the level of staff experience necessary and the complexity of the assignment.